Our Facilities: Elevating Your Care Experience

At Akshaya Hospital, we believe that providing exceptional medical care goes beyond expertise – it extends to the comfort, convenience, and comprehensive services we offer. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to ensure that your journey towards health is supported by a nurturing environment and advanced amenities.

24/7 Emergency Care

Our fully equipped emergency department is staffed by trained medical professionals who are ready to provide immediate care when you need it the most. Equipped with modern medical technology, our emergency care ensures swift and effective responses to medical crises.

Advanced Operation Theatres

Our hospital boasts modern, air-conditioned operation theatres designed to meet the highest standards of safety and precision. These theaters are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment to facilitate various surgical procedures, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Intensive Care Units (ICUs)

For critical care needs, we offer fully equipped Intensive Care Units (ICUs) that are staffed by experienced medical teams. Our ICUs are equipped with life-saving machines and monitors to ensure continuous monitoring and specialized care.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our specialized NICU is designed to provide specialized care for newborns who need extra support. Under the watchful eye of our expert medical staff, the NICU is equipped with advanced equipment to ensure the health and well-being of the tiniest patients.

Clinical Laboratory

Equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic technology, our clinical laboratory offers round-the-clock diagnostic services. From blood tests to specialized analyses, our trained analysts provide accurate and timely results to aid in your diagnosis and treatment.


Our fully operational pharmacy is available 24/7, providing a range of essential medications, medical accessories, and consumables for your convenience. Our dedicated team of pharmacists is ready to assist you with your medication needs.

Radiology & Ultrasonography

Our Radiology and Ultrasonography departments offer comprehensive imaging services for accurate diagnosis. Equipped with digital X-ray and ultrasound technology, our skilled radiologists provide timely and precise imaging reports.

Labour Room

Our well-equipped Labour, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum (LDRP) rooms are designed to provide comfort and support during childbirth. Fitted with modern amenities, these rooms ensure a safe and comfortable experience for both mother and baby.


Our Physiotherapy department is dedicated to helping you regain mobility and functionality. Our experienced physiotherapists offer personalized rehabilitation plans to aid your recovery process.

Blood Banks

We have established partnerships with reputable blood banks in the city to ensure that blood and plasma products are available to our patients around the clock.

Akshaya Hospital is committed to providing a holistic and comprehensive care experience. Our facilities are designed to ensure your comfort, safety, and well-being at every step of your medical journey. We strive to make your time with us as comfortable and supportive as possible, ensuring that your focus remains on your path to recovery and wellness.